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Karen FanjoyWhen I was in my teens, I was a total disaster in any team sporting event, and when there were choices to be made, I was always picked last. I was just so worried and self-conscious about making a mistake at the team's expense, that I couldn't focus very I didn't do very well. What a rotten feeling that was.


I lacked a lot of confidence which made me easily upset and angry. I had no way to resolve all of my issues, and so as I grew to become a young adult, I was basically the confidence, internally angry, and had no focus. Not good!


At one point I went to see a counselor to get some help and although the words made sense, the sessions didn't make me feel any better. It just seemed too hard to make any lasting changes.


Through some info on the internet, I went to a seminar in Toronto, Ont. regarding the mind/body connection. I absolutely loved it because it made so much sense, and I got 'hooked'.


After that, I went to workshops in San Francisco; New York; London, England; Cleveland and on and on. In addition, I read tons of books, and watched more mind/body DVD's than cartoons, as a kid.


This NRG psychology stuff seemed to work like a charm. I became a completely different person...happy and content...and it didn't seem to take any effort at all.


I can thank these therapies that I share with you today for all of my changes. Each form of NRG healing did amazing things for me, and now I offer these benefits to you...all in one place!


Here's to happiness!


Karen Fanjoy


I have worked with the founder or creator of almost all of the modalities that I use, so that means you're getting the information almost from the horses' mouth!

Emotional Freedom Technique - Advanced EFT and Serious Illness with Gary Craig

Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl

Psychological Kinesiology with Rob Williams

Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Zensight with Carol Ann Rowlan


"Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed - borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves."
- Osho