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Best Game Ever
"I've worked with Karen on some basics to see if this was going to work. The next day, I took 13 strokes off my putting-no penalty strokes either-and the game after that was my best ever...I shot a 77!  I can't thank you enough!"

M.F. - 16 handicap, Whitby, Ont. 



Fear of Illness...
"As far back as I can remember, I have had a fear of illness. When my mother died, that fear took on a life of it's own. I did everything I could think of to help myself throughout this time, and I finally went into therapy. It wasn't until Karen suggested EFT therapy that I felt the fear start to lift. I had never heard of EFT before Karen introduced me to the concept. I have been so impressed with the EFT therapy concept that I have started to study it myself under Karen's supervision. I use EFT for every emotional or physical issue that concerns me. It is a wonderful tool, and so easy to use any where, any time. No pain, no needles, and above all no drugs. Thank you, Karen, for all your help."

D. S. - Dundas, Ont.



No Pain!
I still can't believe it! I had a really sore knee for quite a while and after taking some tests, my doctor said it was rheumatoid arthritis. I don't like taking drugs, and was thrilled to find Karen. In one session, ALL of my pain disappeared!  Amazing...

E.M.- Ancaster, Ont.


Car Accident Issues, Digestion, and Food Cravings...
"I have been seeing Karen for various treatments for the past 2+ years. I have been treated for craving and allergy elimination, assistance with my confidence level after a car accident, and helping me with various digestive issues, to name but a few. I highly recommend Karen as a qualified practitioner who cares deeply about her practice and those she treats."

C. P. Reg. Nurse - Grimsby, Ont.


Big Improvement
"Karen ~ THANK YOU for teaching my 12-year-old son the techniques he needed in order to improve his golf game.  We have both noticed a marked improvement, with those drives going much longer and straighter than ever before.  My son's dream is to one day be in the PGA, and I know that you've given him a tool to help him achieve his dream.  Thank you from both of us! "

A.C. - St Catharines



Environmental Allergies...
"For twenty two years, the month of August signalled hay fever season for me. That was accompanied by an itchy mouth, runny nose, tense muscles, and constant dosages of antihistamines, which lasted well past fall frost. After two, fifteen minute sessions, the relief was almost instantaneous, with free breathing. On occasion, I had some mild itching, which was relieved by doing what Karen taught me to do for myself. There have been no occasions where any allergy medication was needed, or wanted, for two full seasons, now. I'm finally not dreading the fall season anymore."

J. T. - Caledonia, Ont.


Happy Golfer

"I'm more relaxed now so I can enjoy the game much more."

C.M. - 8 handicap I golf - Whitby, Ont.



Fear of Flying
I have a terrible fear of flying, and had not been on a plane for almost 20 years. Karen was confident that we could resolve the phobia. After some questions, and answers, we got to the root of the problem. Using EFT, I began to feel the anxiety lifting off of me. Three weeks later, I was on the runway. Once I was in the air, I started to feel some jitters coming on. I used the technique that Karen taught me, and settled down nicely. I went on to have a great time, and I wish I had come to Karen sooner.

S. D. Grimsby, Ont.



Great Drives...
"I had some of the straightest and furthest drives that I have ever had. "


T. C., occasional golfer,  St.Catharines, Ont.


Karen and Hockey...
I worked with a hockey goalie who was having some problems. Within 2 months, he had a newspaper article written about him, became the player of the month, and two upper level teams battling to recruit him. This player wishes to remain anonymous, unfortunately!

"In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind."
- Dalai Lama



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